Hyago Oliveira

Hyago Oliveira


Squat: 140kg

Snatch: 88

C&J: 97kg

Clean: 105

Deadlift: 190

Single thruster: 85kg


Studying Computing Science, about to have my Weightlifting Level 1 Done, and interested in getting my CrossFit Level 1.

About Coach

I was never really into sports when I was younger, although I did do judo for a few years during my childhood. When I first joined Crossfit I literally fell in love with it, because just by practicing a sport I knew that every day I would overcome myself and my personal challenges and this is fantastic.

Turning Point

My biggest enemy has definitely always been my body weight. I'm tall and skinny (well, I was skinny), I was bullied in my childhood for being too skinny. In my first CrossFit class, I couldn't lift an empty barbell over my head because I was weak. And in the period of 1 year, I put on 16kg of body weight, starting that I couldn't lift 20 kilos over my head, and in 1 year I was lifting 90+, with a body weight of “my dreams”, this is one of my biggest achievements ever.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach I just want to be able to show people, through Sport, that it doesn't matter where they start from, it's possible. It is always possible to overcome our own challenges and fears, we just have to persevere.

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