Kitty Golden

Kitty Golden



About Coach

Kitty started her CrossFit journey in 2016. Coming from a healthcare background she previously did not give much precedence to sport or fitness. She quickly realized that regular exercise and nutrition are actually the foundations of health and realized the importance of these things for a persons day to day well-being in both body and mind.

Turning Point

Kitty dedicated herself to improving her technique in weightlifting and also building strength in various different bodyweight exercises. This passion for CrossFit soon shifted to more than just a hobby. She complete a strength and conditioning certificate and PT qualification with Setanta college and from there went on to complete her Level 1.

Motivation & Passion

Kitty continues her pursuit of movement perfection at CrossFit PMI. She can easily identify with the physical struggles that our clients go through on a daily basis and shows them how to surmount these challenges and support their own physical and mental health.

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