Level 1 Crossfit Weightlifting

Level 1 Crossfit

Level 1 Crossfit Gymnastics

Level 1 Mobility flow

About Coach

When I was little I started practicing capoeira. I believe that practicing a sport in the adolescence phase is very important for a young person. I have competed in kickboxing for many years, and I fell in love with Crossfit when we used it as sports preparation for competitions. I fell in love with this sport and I took my level 1 to learn more about it and coach other to do the same.

Turning Point

Practicing sports has always been fundamental for me. It always helps me to pursue my goals despite the difficulties that may be found in your journey through life.

Motivation & Passion

I like teaching because I love sports. I like being in contact with people and I like being able to teach something positive in their life. I believe that sports can help you and teach you so many things about yourself and life in general.

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