What to do when you fall off the wagon

7 steps to take when you fall off the wagon during your nutrition program.
November 21, 2022
What to do when you fall off the wagon

So what do you do when clients just can't seem to get going on your new nutrition program? 

1. Break it down:

At what point did you disengage? Was it right at the beginning, or did you fail on the last hurdle?

2. Find out why: 

Was it simply life getting in the way? Or was it an action step that you no longer wanted to take? (Or one you are afraid to take?)

3. Dig deeper!:

If it's fear getting in the way – work to uncover the issue and help remove any obstacles. If it's disinterest, it may be time to reimagine the plan.

4. Recommit and press the reset button:

If you are still committed, take another opportunity to prove it with some really straight forward action steps.

5. Keep it simple:

Adherence skyrockets as your steps get easier and simpler. Try making fewer changes at a time.

6. Firm things up:

Set precise dates, timelines, and determine if additional resources are needed.

7. Remember the 'why':

What incredible goal does you want to accomplish? How will fulfilling that goal change your life? Tap into the excitement that inspired you to embark on this journey in the first place!

If you need help with your nutrition our job as your nutrition coach is to maintain a sense of optimism and hold you accountable. We will always demonstrate that we believe in our clients on their journey.

To start working with us today on your nutrition, get in contact with us HERE.

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